Survey Portal

The single purpose of launching the official McDVOICE Survey is to collect honest and perfect customer feedback and opinions to continually improve and enhance customer satisfaction. This online survey has been helping McDonald’s to a great extent in terms of enhancing the service and product quality.

Once you see the verification code on the screen, you will need to take the receipt to the McDonald’s store and note it down. The next time you visit McDonald’s premises, bring this receipt. Once you display it at the counter, you can get the advantage of the promised offers and discounts on the invoice amount.

A customer can express his honest opinion or complaints regarding the company’s products. This helps the company understand its working conditions, employees and products, etc. A high level of customer satisfaction also enhances the reputation of the company, which in turn leads to other people visiting your store and, in the best case, receiving your services.

Regardless of your opinion, positive or negative comments, your honesty counts in the McDVOICE Survey. As one of the most popular fast-food chains, McDonald’s employees want to ensure that the millions of customers they serve every day are satisfied with the facilities offered.

The McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey at the URL takes just a few minutes and rewards you with the best delicious burger with some great offers and discounts.

After McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, a validation code will appear on your device screen. Make a note of this survey code as you will need to validate it the next time you visit McDonald’s for a free McDonald’s burger. It will be impossible for you to claim the survey rewards if you don’t have a survey code.